All About Anna: Synopsis

 “All About Anna” is the story of ANNA (played by Gry Bay), a young costume designer, who has decided to live a life without love. She has just found a new apartment, and is tempted to let her latest boyfriend, FRANK (Thomas Raft), move in with her. Instead, she finds a tenant: The flamboyant, fun-loving CAMILLA (Eileen Daly), who shares Anna’s views on love and commitment. For both of them, it’s all about fun. Strangers without strings. No commitment, no casualties.

AAA4But Anna’s resolve is challenged after an unexpected encounter with an ex-boyfriend, JOHAN (Mark Stevens), who once upon a time was the man in her life. Johan is ready to start over, and Anna is tempted – but also afraid of losing her newly won independency and, not least, of getting hurt. More than ever, she needs to get back on the merry-go-round and move on. In order to forget all about Johan’s existence, she stages one obstacle after another. Fortunately, she receives an offer to design costumes for a theatre in Paris. As far away from romantic temptation as possible. Or so she thinks. Anna’s problem is her determination to become an independent, untouchable person. She is too scared to rely on anybody else, even those with the best intentions. Unless she learns to accept that human relationships of importance sometimes do hurt, a woman like Anna risks becoming very lonely. And that is the real story of “All About Anna”. Structurally, the film is divided into a prologue and four chapters. The four chapters can be watched as sensual bed-time stories, alone or with one’s partner of choice; each has an erotic highlight but climaxes in sexual frustration as Anna and Johan almost manage to get back together, and yet not. Unfulfilled desire is as much a part of life as those magic moments of total rapture. This film has both.