The aim of HotMale is to produce high quality pornographic films that are visually innovative and sexually stimulating, aimed for men who like sex with other men.

HotMale will strive to produce a broad array of productions that reflect the enormous variety in gay culture. A beautiful and dangerous culture that unfolds like a Japanese fan, painted with images of a vast, sumptuous culture spanning from beauty to pain, from queen to macho, from deep sorrow to the lavish aesthetics of decadence.

HotMen CoolBoyz
was the first film from HotMale, produced by Zentropa's highly professional film team, and directed by Knud Vesterskov. It depicts the visual intensity that is created when men meet in an erotic relationship. Sweaty, deep, raw and heartfelt.

HotMale was originally introduced in 2000 as a sub-department of Zentropa's company Puzzy Power ApS.