The Director

Knud Vesterskov was born in 1942. He graduated in graphic design, then in fine art and as a graphic artist. He studied at art colleges in Århus, Paris, Rome, and Istanbul. Knud Vesterskov spent a period in the theatre in Århus and Amsterdam, and in Amsterdam he learned still photography. Nowadays he works mainly on short films and videos, graphic illustrations and book jackets, and photographs major campaigns.

For some fifteen years he spent most of his time in the Middle east and South East Asia. He built a house in Bali and visited the head-hunters of Sumatra and the Philippines, where he studied mask dancing and rituals which he later used as a basis for mask theatre in Holland.

Since 1983 Knud Vesterskov has been working in the field of film and video. He co-founded “Trekanten”, an experimental video group. His productions fall into three main categories—scratch videos with dramatic, rapid, intense sensual bombardment, small faked highlights from splatter movies, and last but not least, poetic, sensual films just as relevant to underground milieus as art video festivals, where he has received a number of accolades.

Some of his latest films and videos have been shot in the US, primarily in New York, including Transatlantic Lovestory (National Film Board of Denmark), Urban Dissonance, The Tattoed Sheep, By The Dawn’s Early Light, with which he represented Denmark at the Berlin Film Festival in 1994, and GEEK, N.Y.C.’s Secret Sideshow.

Knud Vesterskov works mainly in English, as most of his screenings take place abroad, but he also loves working with modern Danish writers, such as Morti Vizki in Stolen Glances (1996, National Film Board of Denmark) and The Mulatto (1834), based on Hans Christian Andersen’s play, and shot in the Caribbean, New York and Copenhagen.