HotMen CoolBoyz - Meet the Actors

The director explains:HMCB1

Our acting team was made up of a doctor, an engineer, the owner of a bar, students, and a businessman. None of them took the job just for the money; they did the film because they wanted to be in front of the camera, to live out their fantasies. I thought we’d have to find “artist names” for all the actors to hide their identities. But, all of them wanted to perform with their own names, their own identities.

Our actors were young men who understood themselves, were self-confident and wanted to cross over the moral boundaries of their every day lives. The situation was well thought through on all sides, so if they’re recognised on the street because of the film, then that’s just fine, because none of them have anything to hide, or an image to protect. If they’re recognised, or if they become public personalities because of the work they’ve done here, or even if the people they work with at their jobs find out about their secret sexual fantasies, then it’s no big deal.

The most nerve-wracking situation for us was wondering whether or not the actors could stand the pressure of being in front of the camera. It was mostly a question of whether they could overcome their own modesty, their performance anxiety, and whether they would be able to expose their most intimate sexual details, because one thing they certainly weren’t lacking was desire.

My first idea was to have a lot of different models in the film, but the episodes couldn’t handle new faces, bodies and cocks again and again. It was important that I had my models in various, intimate erotic situations, where I could learn more about them, and relate to them as people in my wild world of horny ideas.

Ron Athey

Ron began performing at underground galleries in 1981. He later began staging what was to become a performance “torture” trilogy: Martyrs and Saints, 4 Scenes in a Harsh Life, and Deliverance. He also works in the visual arts, journalism, and is writing a book based on his Pentacostal upbringing entitled Gifts of the Spirit. Currently, Athey is touring The Solar Anus, a solo performance based on the writing of Georges Bataille. Future plans include a new theatrical production about matri-lineage, and James Joyce.

Billy Herrington

Billy was Colt Magazine’s “1999 Man of the Year” and the Millennium Man cover boy for All Man. With hit video after hit video hitting the market, including Summer Trophies, Link III: The Final Link, Muscle Fantasies III, Flesh Trap and many more. Billy is the leading male video star in America, and has been a sensation on the road, performing in over 20 American cities, selling out each venue he appears in.

Rune Gärtner

Rune recently finished medical school. I’ve known him for many years, he’s always followed my work, and I’ve used him as a model. Rune made it very apparent that he’d like to work on a film with me. Rune has tried a bit of everything; when the Miss World pageant needed a pretty boy, he volunteered, and when the Stop AIDS campaign was looking for a transvestite, or just a handsome face, Rune was also there. Rune is helpful, dear and very smart.

Bo Larsen

Bo is a sweet man who has outgrown his wild youth, and now lives a life with both feet on the ground – though he’s anything but boring. One can’t help but feel comfortable with Bo, and he was always hard and ready on the set. Helpfulness and competence describe Bo’s nature during this production; he was every director’s dream to work with. His sexual aura oozes of Man. Off the set, he’s Michael’s partner.

Michael Thomsen

During the day, Michael studies Persian at the University. Michael wants to test himself, push his limits, while at the same time being a model student. For Michael, working as a porno model has always been part of his desire to test his own sexuality in as many ways as possible. Michael has star quality, and if he decides to pursue acting in porno films as a career, there are many people who will be very happy.

Taus Stanley Borgquist

Taus will try anything…that’s how he likes it. Taus is a friends friend, helpful, open and completely free of prejudice. He’s a good porno model to work with, even when there’s total chaos on the set. Taus concentrates himself on the assignment at hand, and delivers the goods with warmth, and a sparkle in his eye. Oh yes, I forgot to mention that Taus is goal driven and ambitious. I would be more than happy to work with Taus again.

Steven Gauvin

I’d known Steven for some time before we began working together on this film. He’s modelled for me, and we’ve worked on quite a few good sessions together. I’m fascinated by his raw sexual radiance, which he can turn on, and off like a switch, and when the session is over he becomes the kind and friendly man I know so well. To say that Steven has never worked on this kind of video before is unfair, because he’s worked so hard with his porno and model career, and can be seen in a variety of projects, including the Internet.

Søren Damgaard Mikkelsen

Søren is a sweet, intelligent and friendly man who has toyed for a long time with his fantasy of appearing in a porno film, but not in just any porno film, and not to play just any old role. No, Søren had his own, distinct fantasy and would only appear in the film if he were allowed to play it out on screen. It was as if this role was made for him.

Percy Mundt

Percy lives the life of a quiet family man, but he hasn’t always been that way. For many years, Percy sailed the seven seas, and lived for some time in Japan. When Percy returned to Denmark, he started working as an escort model, and appeared in many videos, both here and in Sweden and Germany. Nowadays, Percy is a calm, relaxed and incredibly helpful man who was wonderful to work with on our film.


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