Lisbeth Lynghøft – director and writer

PP4Lisbeth Lynghøft was born in 1962. She trained as an actress at the HB studio in New York and Cantabile 2 in Copenhagen. She has appeared in a large number of productions—in one house or on tour—mainly in Sweden, where she also lived for several years.

On her return to Copenhagen she started Teatret Bag Døren, and spent five years with this ensemble as artistic leader and director. Teatret Bag Døren had its home at the Københavneren, where Lisbeth Lynghøft had plenty of opportunities to explore and test drama in all its forms. A highly characteristic feature of Teatret Bag Døren productions was the physical idiom, often expressed in very radical, innovative ways.

Working with another group, the ensemble was responsible for two festivals--the H. C. Branner Festival and the Mann Festival; at the former they performed The Horseman, and at the Mann Festival Teatret Bag Døren mounted Heinrich Mann’s The Blue Angel and Thomas Mann’s Death in Venice. Other important Teatret Bag Døren productions included Arthur Kopit’s Wings, A smile in the grave about Emily Dickinson and Passion Propeller; the two latter also written by Lisbeth Lynghøft.

While at Teatret Bag Døren she also worked as a director and instructor at Den Nordiske Teaterhøjskole in Gothenburg, Sweden.

PP5Katja Kean
Katja Kean is the biggest sex star ever to emerge from Denmark, and the biggest Scandinavian sex star in recent memory. She has worked with some of the biggest names in erotic cinema – Andre Blake, Michael Ninn - as well as appearing in Penthouse Magazine etc. In 1999 she was nominated for Hot d’Or and AVN Awards as best new starlet, and she has continued to be a favourite with audiences worldwide. She has since left adult films to successfully reinvent herself as a mainstream-actress, starring in the weekly sitcom Langt fra Las Vegas

Selective filmography: Super Max's Magazine 8 (1997), Nordiske Nybörjare 3 (1997), Constance (1998), Eden Erotica #1: For Sale (1998), Fatal Orchid 1+2 (1998), Girls Next Door 4 (1998), Katja Kean's Sports Spectacular (1998), Private Solid Gold 1 (1998), That'$ Life 2 (1998), Tripple X Files 6: Do You Know Katja Kean? (1998), Blondes (1999), Escorts (1999), Flesh for Fantasy (1999), Midas Touch (1999), Millennium Y2K (1999), Pink Prison (1999), Pin-Ups (1999), Pretty Girls (1999), Ritual (1999), Under Dressed (1999), Buried Treasure (2000), Lipstick (2000), Private Casting 21 (2000), Virtuoso (2000), Watchers (2000).